Welcome to the future home of The Marty Paich Archive, and The Marty Paich Library.

In the 50 years of his career Marty Paich wrote some 2000 charts, arrangements and original compositions. In the ten years since his death, Marty’s estate has painstakingly collected, preserved, catalogued and documented all of them.

With the launch of this website we now begin to make his work available to the public.

Over the next months and years we will start to publish the best of his work for small combos, big bands, symphony orchestras and every ensemble in-between. The quality of the work that so attracted people like Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Sammy Davis Jr, Mel TormÈ, Lena Horne, Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, Ray Charles and a hundred others will be available for study and performance.

Through the Archive, you will be able to search for the music you want.

Through the Library, you will be able to acquire it.

The Marty Paich Archive will have its own search engine. You will be able to look for Marty’s work by title, by running time, by instrumentation, by author and first publisher, by original artist, and in many cases by key.

The Marty Paich Library will have its own order forms and transactional codes. You will be able to rent or purchase his scores and charts. Particular emphasis will be placed on material appropriate for high schools, colleges and conservatories, and symphony orchestras. Marty always felt a special obligation to connect with young people. We want to honor that impulse. In some cases, special editions will be offered that may be transposed and re-scored by instrument.

But first? We need to know what you want.

Please join our E-List. Tell us something about yourself, and about the music you want made available. With 2000 works to choose from, we need your help setting priorities.

And please accept our thanks for joining us here.
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